Show Schedule


5pm Brian Chan- Early Spring Fly Fishing Tactics for Western Stillwaters
6pm Tammy Wood “MasterChef Canada”
7pm Bear Aware with Shannan Schimmelman



The Rookie Hunters

10am Mastering the Art of Fish mongering – Jon Crofts from Codfathers Seafood Market
11am Tammy Wood from “MasterChef Canada”
12pm Azimuth Solar – Portable Solar Generators: Solar Power for your RV, Cabin and Emergencies.
1pm Jesse Zeman – Are we losing what makes BC special?
2pm Brian Chan- Understanding the Biology of Productive Stillwaters to Improve fishing Success
3pm Tammy Wood from “MasterChef Canada”
4pm Sausage Making 101 – Chef Mathew Morazain from MTL montREALfoods



Kevin Cullen – CFMOTO Brand Ambassador

9am Bear Aware with Shannan Schimmelman
10am Mastering the Art of Fish mongering – Jon Crofts from Codfathers Seafood Market
11am Megan Hanacek from “Alone”
12pm Randy Nelson- author “Poachers, Polluters and Politics”
1pm Tammy Wood from “MasterChef Canada”
2pm Sausage Making 101 – Chef Mathew Morazain from MTL montREALfoods
3pm Jesse Zeman – Are we losing what makes BC special?

Casting/Archery Demos


5:30pm Archery Demo – Hardcore Archery
6:30pm Brian Chan Casting Demo


10:30 Archery Demo – Hardcore Archery
11:30am Brian Chan Casting Demo
12:30 pm Archery Demo – Hardcore Archery
2:30 pm Archery Demo – Hardcore Archery
3:30 pm Brian Chan Casting Demo


9:30 am Archery Demo – Hardcore Archery
10:30am Dennis Grant Casting Demo
1:00 pm Archery Demo – Hardcore Archery
2:00 pm Dennis Grant Casting Demo


Rookie Hunter Mike
Rookie Hunter Kelly

Rookie Hunter Logo

The Rookie Hunter -Mike & Kelly – Saturday MC’s

Originally from the mountainous Kootenay region of British Columbia, Mike and Kelly share a deep respect for the outdoors and began this new hunting journey as a team at the age of 29 in the fall of 2014. Since then, they’ve had some some amazing experiences, learned a ton and are finally finding success outdoors.


Mike and Kelly were looking to escape the pressures of day-to-day life and re-connect with the outdoors. They are excited to be sharing and documenting their journey while inspiring others to do the same.

Kevin Cullen – CFMOTO Brand Ambassador – Sunday’s MC

CFMOTO Canada’s Brand Ambassador Kevin Cullen is proud to be the show MC on Sunday April 9th. He has been fully immersed in the power sports, motorsports and outdoor industries for almost 20 years. Bringing 5 different TV Series to market, including Personal Water Craft TV, Sledsense, Grass Roots Racing TV, MX Culture and The Motorhead Traveler, with over 300 shows produced.


His dedication to all things outdoors and work to promote people to get off the couch and experience the great outdoors has been a common theme in everything he does. Being CFMOTO Canada Brand Ambassador is a real privilege and a really fun position. Representing this amazing product line and working with such a superb group of professionals at CFMOTO Canada make waking up every day a real pleasure. He looks forward to getting a chance to meet everyone coming to the BC Interior Sportman Show.

Kevin Cullen
Megan Hanacek

Megan Hanacek – Finalist from Alone on the History Channel

Megan Hanacek an avid hunter and fisherwoman, and recently competed in the hit reality show, ALONE on History Channel where she lived by herself in the rugged wilderness with only 10 primitive tools to hunt, fish, fend off predators and secure shelter, fire and water. She served as the longest standing Canadian, and mother to date- living in the wilds of Patagonia for 78 days and making it to the Finale Show.


She is a Professional Biologist and Forester and works as the Forest Stewardship Specialist with the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals (, Megan has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable natural resource use in the Province. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Association of Professional Biology’s President Award for exemplary service to the biology profession in British Columbia. In her free time, she can often be found fishing, hunting, teaching wilderness courses and recreating with her family’s whale watching business off Vancouver Island.

Shannan Schimmelmann – Bear Aware

Shannan Schimmelmann became a certified Bear Safety Instructor in 2015 through Remote Safety Services (RSS) Safety Training while residing in Fort McMurray, Alberta. She is a long-time Northerner, and enjoys outdoor recreational activities with family and friends in bear country.


Shannan is an avid trail and marathon runner, and loves hiking all over the world. She has traveled extensively throughout Northern and Western Canada, and is very familiar with the Okanagan Valley’s natural environment. Her experiences with outdoor adventure and wildlife (fishing and hunting) began in her youth in Northern Ontario, and in the Northwest Territories both as a Girl Guide and participating in family outings.


She has lived and worked in a wide range of environments, from the Boreal Forests, Tundra to the Rockies and Coastal communities. She has experienced a variety of conflict situations involving black bears in recreational situations, urban areas, farming and remote work camps.


Shannan has experience as an educator and facilitator. She is the co-founder of Northern Youth Leadership (formerly Taiga Adventure Camp est. 2006), which delivers on the land youth leadership programming across the Northwest Territories as a Tides Canada Initiative.

Shannan Schimmelmann
Mathew Morazain

Mathew Morazain – MTL MontREALfoods

Mathew Morazain is Owner and Chef of MTL MontREALfoods in Kelowna. Mathew lives and breathes the Okanagan produce & lifestyle, whilst marrying it with his Quebecois background and upbringing. You can find Chef Mathew at his restaurant on Kirschner making Montreal inspired, scratch-made food from the heart.They cater events and host interactive shows as well as food and wine paired dinners.

Tammy Wood – Saucy’s Got Game

Hunting fishing and creating amazing Wild Game recipes are my passions in life!


Top 8th Finalist for Master Chef Canada, Author, food column writer and host of Saucy’s Got Game Cooking Show airing on Wild TV this year!

Tammy Wood

John Crofts – Codfathers Seafood Market

Jon believes passionately that Seafood should not be treated as just another mass produced protein, and that it should have special status as one of the few remaining foods that have to be hunted and gathered. As a family business Codfathers has always been aware of the importance of conserving our amazing ocean resources and using them thoughtfully so that future generations can enjoy them too.

Randy Nelson – “Poachers, Polluters and Politics”

Come listen to some hilarious, hair raising stories told by Randy Nelson who retired after 35 years as a Fishery Officer in BC. His passion for catching salmon poachers combined with his elite long distance running skills made him the ultimate poacher catcher. Randy’s published book, “Poachers, Polluters and Politics”, chronicles his career. Randy worked throughout BC and ran down literally hundreds of poachers. His many escapades were not all fun and games, he was attacked by a grizzly bear, had his shoulder broken by a poacher who struck him with an oar, intentionally hit by a truck, was stabbed in the chest and a host of other wild events.


Randy is the most decorated officer in DFO having received a host of medals and awards for his work. His running skills have earned him over 15 medals in Law Enforcement Olympics. Randy also curls competitively having played in the Brier, National Seniors and Canadian Police Championships.

Poachers, Polluters & Politics
Brian Chan

Brian Chan – Stillwater Fly Fishing Store

Brian Chan has written for such magazines as BC Outdoors, Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod & Reel, Fly Fusion and Fly Fishing & Tying Journal. He has also authored or co-authored several books on fly fishing and fly tying and produced several instructional videos.  For the past 25 years, Brian has made many appearances on TV fishing shows including BC Outdoors Sport Fishing, Sport Fishing on the Fly, West Coast Sporting Journal and The New Fly Fisher. In 2014 he was awarded a lifetime achievement award by Fly Tyer Magazine.  Brian has now built up a stillwater guiding business which has been well received by both new and long-time fly fishers who want to learn how to fish still waters, as well as developing a line of stillwater fly patterns available at

Boone and Crockett Measuring Booth

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Bring your antlers down to the show and have them officially scored by Boone and Crockett!
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Dennis and Verile Grant Fly Casting Instructors

Dennis and Verile Grant Fly Casting Instructors

Flycasting with Dennis and Verile.  For the past 20 years they have been recognized as the top casting instructors in Canada,  in 2013 Dennis received the International Fly Federations top Award for a lifetime of excellence in fly casting instruction.