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Dean Trumbley

Dean Trumbley – Bushnell’s Trigger Effect

Dean Trumbley is a former professional biologist and a proud father of five children. Dean grew up in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada and started hunting and fishing at a very young age with his father and grandfather.


Dean is no stranger to the hunting and fishing industry as his grandfather Smokey Trumbley was a hunting/fishing celebrity on TV, radio and in the newspapers from 1970-1980’s. As a biologist (trained in both wildlife and freshwater fisheries), Dean has conducted over 75 studies and also worked at the federal and international levels including a 3-year period with the Canadian delegation on the United Nation’s – Convention of Biological Diversity.


Besides being a biologist, Dean also was a professional big game in his earlier years. As one of the Hosts for Bushnell’s Trigger Effect, Dean brings a unique skill set to the show as an accomplished research level biologist with a strong complement of big game guiding and life-long hunting experience.

Danny Coyne

Danny Coyne – BC Fishing

Danny has been an avid Angler since his early childhood. Danny grew up in a small quaint community in the Similkameen Valley of Princeton BC.  His family’s farm is nestled against the Similkameen River.  This is where Danny and his older brother Spencer adopted the passion for fishing.


Danny is a Pro Staff Angler for premium fishing companies brands such as Mack’s Lure and King Fisher Boats. Danny is also a freelance outdoor writer and has written many articles for publications such as Western Woods & Water Magazine. You can find Danny traveling throughout the province conducting angling seminars on a variety of different fishing methods.


Danny is very active within multiple fish and wildlife conservation groups within the BC community.   He loves to share his love and passion for fishing with others.  Sharing his discoveries, adventures, and tips on the water with fellow Anglers is just as equal of a passion of his as fishing.  Danny encourages all Anglers to share the sport of fishing with the younger generation so they too can have those special moments in life fishing with their fathers, brothers and all loved ones.