Door Prizes

Show Schedule


4:30pm Hunting 101– with Johnny McDowell
5:30pm Kokanee 101: Targeting Tactics and Presentations
-with Danny Coyne
6:30pm Cooking with Sossy
-with Chef Tammy Wood
7:30pm TBD


10:30am Filleting Fish like a Pro

-with Jon Crofts from Codfather’s Seafood

11:30am Kokanee 101: Targeting Tactics and Presentations

-with Danny Coyne

12:30pm Cooking with Sossy

-with Chef Tammy Wood

1:30pm BC Trappers
2:30pm Hunting 101

– with Johnny McDowell

3:30pm Azimuth Solar: DIY Off-grid Solar and Batteries for RVs and Cabins

– with Matt Longman

4:30pm Cooking with Sossy

-with Chef Tammy Wood


10:30am TBD
11:30am Kokanee 101: Targeting Tactics and Presentations

-with Danny Coyne

12:30pm Hunting 101

– with Johnny McDowell

1:30pm Cooking with Sossy

-with Chef Tammy Wood

2:30pm  BC Trappers
3:30pm TBD

Casting/Archery/Skinning Demos


5:00pm BC Trappers
6:00pm Fly Casting with Savvas – sponsored by Trout Waters


11:00am BC Trappers
12:00pm TBD
1:00pm Fly Casting with Savvas – sponsored by Trout Waters
2:00pm HardCore Archery
3:00pm BC Trappers
4:00pm Fly Casting with Savvas – sponsored by Trout Waters


11:00 am BC Trappers
12:00 pm Lyndon Walker – Fly Casting
1:00 pm BC Trappers
2:00 pm HardCore Archery
3:00 pm  Lyndon Walker – Fly Casting


Danny Coyne -BC Fishn’

Danny grew up in Princeton B.C. on the family farm nestled against the Similkameen River, where he adopted a passion for fishing in early childhood.

Today Danny is very active in multiple B.C. fish and wildlife conservation groups. He loves to share his passion for fishing, which led him to create, a website promoting the sport of angling to all levels of anglers with conservation first in mind.

Danny travels throughout the province conducting angling seminars on a variety of fishing methods, and helps organize Learn to Ice Fish events with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. He is a Pro Staff Member for Mack’s Lure, KingFisher Boats, Pro-Cure Baits Scents, McFly and Work Sharp Knifes.

Danny encourages all anglers to share the sport of fishing with the younger generation so they too can have those special moments in life fishing with their fathers, brothers and loved ones.

Johnny McDowell 50 year hunter, 14 year presenter, and inventor

John McDowell otherwise known as Johnny Mac, has 50 Years of hunting success and 14 years experience at doing these shows. He has learned a lot of tricks along the way that led to success at the game of hunting, He trick’s the big game with sight, sound and scent to bring them in, Elk & Moose is what he goes after. Johnny will go into all aspects of having success at the hunting game.

Johnny has been on the Dragons Den with his inventions for calling in big game, while he didn’t make a deal his products still work great. Come out and see how Johnny keeps his freezer full with harvested Elk and Moose, and he can make your hunts more successful too.

Tammy Wood – Sossy Outdoors

Tammy Wood is a born and raised British Columbian with a deep rooted passion for hunting, fishing, and creating wild game and seafood recipes for all hunters and anglers to enjoy!

Since her debut on Master Chef Canada, finishing in the Top 10, Tammy has launched herself into the Culinary and Hunting World with Wild Game and Seafood recipes. She does everything from nose to tail, creating sausages, salamis, smoked meats, utilizing as much of the wild game herself and showing her six children that being self sufficient and knowledgeable in nature is of vital importance.

Some of Tammy’s accomplishments were becoming a Pro Staff for Cabela’s Canada, Pro Staff for Bradley Smokers, Wild Game Food Editor for BC Outdoors Magazine, a published cookbook author, and a PR Rep for Arctic Nature Sweden, promoting women in hunting across the globe. You will find her across BC on Celebrity Cooking Stages, teaching Cooking Classes, and always fundraising for important causes.

The newest adventure for Tammy is her own YouTube channel, Sossy Outdoors, which is an instructional wild game /seafood cooking show. This is the base platform for her next venture which is a lifestyle show, featuring Tammy, her kids, and their outdoor passions, embracing everything from hunting, fishing, camping, and the culinary adventures in the rustic outdoors.

Jon Crofts – Codfathers Seafood Market

Jon believes passionately that Seafood should not be treated as just another mass produced protein, and that it should have special status as one of the few remaining foods that have to be hunted and gathered. As a family business Codfathers has always been aware of the importance of conserving our amazing ocean resources and using them thoughtfully so that future generations can enjoy them too.